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  "dedicated to creating new and effective methods of successfully treating viruses and bacteria using bio-energetic frequencies that do no harm to the individual being treated."  

There is a difference between allopathic and homeopathic medicines. Allopathic drugs have both chemical matter and radiation (everything vibrates) and therefore work in a biochemical as well as an electro-magnetic way. It is the chemical matter contained in allopathic medicines which causes negative side effects.

Homeopathic medicines with increasing potency have less and less matter content until no matter is left, therefore the effect is not biochemical but works through electro-magnetic radiation. Homeopathic medicine produces a healing effect which occurs through electro-magnetic waves, which trigger a biochemistry process within the body. Toxins and deposits in the tissues of the body are dissolved and excreted through the homeopathic treatment.

The electro-magnetic oscillations of the homeopathic medicines cause the electro-magnetic spectra in the body and the individual organs to normalize and harmonize, which has the effect of breaking down toxins producing a biochemical process without negative side effects. Because the patient is listening to electro-magnetic waves or oscillations it is impossible to overdose from these medications. It is also impossible to get intoxicated or addicted to drugs administered in this manner.

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