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  "dedicated to creating new and effective methods of successfully treating viruses and bacteria using bio-energetic frequencies that do no harm to the individual being treated."  

Welcome to ThoughtForms.com

The cost for pharmaceutical drugs continue to rise world wide at a rate of 15 percent each year. Every year more and more patients must meet this cost by paying for their drugs out of their pockets. In the United States 44 million people are uninsured and that number increases by 100,000 each month.

In third world and underdeveloped countries the situation is even more critical and is often a matter of life and death. The average yearly expenditure for health care in Africa is only $6 per person.

A nation's physical health is the foundation upon which economic prosperity is built. Without good health the future is limited.

We at ThoughtForms.com believe we have the solution to this growing problem and we invite interested Governments, Institutions, and private investors to inquire and participate in this timely and inexpensive solution.

ThoughtForms.com's contribution to world health is 'significant' and will change the way health care is delivered worldwide. ThoughtForm.com can provide affordable non-toxic health care to all, which we believe is the right of all human kind, rather than a privilege of the wealthy few.

Michael Kelly - CEO & Founder

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