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  "dedicated to creating new and effective methods of successfully treating viruses and bacteria using bio-energetic frequencies that do no harm to the individual being treated."  

Michael Kelly
Founder, CEO & President Director of Research and Development
Minneapolis, MN
* Attended Bowling Green State University and the University of Minnesota
* 22 years psychotherapist in private practice
* Developed and patented Digital Medicine
* Consultant to Attorneys in psychological approach to jury selection
* Minnesota State Coordinator for Citizens for Health 1996-97

Don Soli, M.D.
Medical Director
Reno, Nevada
* 48 years, Family Practice
* General Medicine
* Electro Acupuncture (EAV)
* surgery
* Homeopathic Medicine
* Chelation therapy

Richard D. Willard M.D.
Medical Advisor
Las Vegas, Nevada
* Surgeon
* Family Practice
* Founding member Society of Medical Hypnoanalysis

Carlos Warter, M.D, Ph.D
Medical Advisor
Psychiatrist, Offices in Chile, Sedona, Arizona
* President of the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace
* Awarded the U.N. Peace Messenger and the Pax Mundi Award
* Author of Recovery of the Sacred, The Ebb and Flow of Living, Despertar and Soul Remembers
* Seminar Leader

Carl Elkins, Ph.D.
Information Technology and Pharmaceutical Advisor
* Health Sciences, Undergraduate degree in pharmacy
* Published in American Laboratory and the Journal of the American Medical Association
* Employed at NASA, directed development of bio telemetric systems for monitoring biological status of astronauts in space
* Director of Scientific computing for Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
* Developed first computer interface to a mass spectrophotometer process for high bred signal processing and fast fourier transform
* Consultant to the United Kingdom National Health Service, developed computer technique for the analysis of drug medicine
* Health Service Associations, Saint Paul MN., Director of management information services
* 1980 formed health care consulting company and developed data processing systems for HMO's
* Served on board of several computer technology companies
* 1990 developed an advanced imaging system for Japanese Government
* Co-authored over 50 patents for advanced technology devices.

Marcy Russ
Director of Communications BA, Summa Cum Laude Graduate, University of Minnesota
Communications Major

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